A Chat with Author and Fashion King, Cameron Silver

If you've ever seen the Bravo TV reality show, "Dukes of Melrose" then you most certainly know who Cameron Silver is. As the owner of Decades, an exclusive vintage couture boutique in LA, he is also known as an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, art historian and fashion king. In 2002, Silver was named as one of the "25 Most Influential Names and Faces in Fashion" by Time Magazine. Silver is also a contributing editor at Departures and C Magazine.

With the newest title of "author" under his belt, Cameron will be a guest speaker this month at a Montclair Art Museum Luncheon, where he will present his new book "Decades: A Century of Fashion". The book is a coffee table style photo encyclopedia, full of historical and iconic fashion trends documented over the last 100 years. 
Cameron recently took time out of his busy schedule, to chat with me about his book tour, his company and his upcoming visit to the Montclair Art Museum on April 9th.
Cameron Silver promotes his book, "Decades: A Century of Fashion"

Grace L. Napoleon: Cameron, it is such an honor to speak with you. I’ve watched you on The Dukes of Melrose in sheer awe.

Cameron Silver: Its okay, you’re just talking to Baby CamCam!

GLN: Haha, okay! You seem to love what you do. What’s the story behind you and Christos starting the company?

CS: Well, I started in 1997, then later Christos and I joined our two companies together. About 2 years after that, we melded it together, into one big catastrophe! One big glorious catastrophe!

GLN: You and Christos seems to compliment each other well. Even when you argue!

CS: Honestly, any argument should come from a place that's not your ego, but what’s best for your brand.

GLN: That's really great advice. I follow you on Instagram and it looks like you've been travelling all over to promote your new book, “Decades: A Century of Fashion” -  Can you tell me about it, and what prompted you to write it?

CS: I had no intention of writing a book but 7 years ago, I was with a friend who is a very well-known and fabulous author who connected me with her literary agent. Its really all my friend’s fault! I'm really grateful that someone else prompted the process. It turned into a really challenging but the most rewarding process. I’m so proud of the book. This is will be my first New jersey appearance! It’s kind of funny I've been all over like London and Saudi Arabia, but not New Jersey!

GLN: Well welcome to New Jersey! You’re going to like it!! It’s all hipsters, college students and people that mostly work in the city. Its very diverse, so your clothes won't shock anyone! I see that you’re going to be in my area, at the Montclair Museum on April 9th for a luncheon. Are there going to be exhibits as well?

CS: Yeah!! We’re going to have a little Decades trunk show! Vintage accessories, clothes and blouses. In general there will be about a $450 - $2800 price range for the pieces.

GLN: I can't wait to see what you bring! I hope you have a chance to enjoy the food too!

CS: I’m so not a foodie!! So yeah, I’m “food boring”.

GLN: Oh no! Montclair is known for many things, especially the food! So, let’s talk about your style aesthetic. I have friend who will say to me “I have to plan my outfits for this trip or vacation” but I find myself dressing to my mood so it changes from day-to-day. What is the inspiration behind your style?

CS: I’m with you that way! I think I have multiple personalities. Fashion passion! I don't really have a "signature look". For me, my signature look is probably "train wreck!" Yesterday I was very minimalist, in mostly grey, and I always have a funky pair of shoes. Tiger striped pony skin. I always like to twist it a little bit.

I'm all about having fun with fashion and I will obsess over something. Something that I have to get, or borrow or steal! It all comes together really right then and there. Its like playing dress-up! Its totally in our childhood blood playing dress-up, whether you're a guy or girl and I kind of think that its the inner child in you. And then you realize the power of image and that fashion is about the times we live in and how you're feeling and the guard we put up. Its fun to play dress-up!!

We used to have a sign hanging in our store that said “Get dressed up”. Its such a nice way to live your life. I always feel like, live your like you’re on the red carpet. Not too crazy but just, have a little glamour in your everyday life. I have a philosophy that people who dress in sweats everyday are actually the biggest snobs of all. Its like, "I’m so fabulous, I don't have to make an effort!”. In reality we might judge someone who looks sharp and nice like "Oh my god, they're such a snob and fancy." No they just have some respect!

GLN: I so agree with you! If you dress a certain way, it can change your mood completely. So, what’s next for you and Decades?

CS: For the business, we continue to do these really special client outreaches, like the Montclair Museum event, and for me I continue to work as a luxury brand consultant and do fashion collaborations. This Fall I did a really cool project with Nine West. I do work as a Creative Director as well.

GLN: That’s fabulous. You're very busy! Well, do you have any advice for someone working in fashion who wants to relocate to California?

CS: LA is having a really wonderful renaissance, its great. California is big but LA...I have to say, LA is a piece of paradise.

GLN: Thank you, I'll keep that in mind. Well Cameron, thank you so much for this interview. I can’t wait to meet you at the luncheon in Montclair next week!

CS: It was great speaking with you! You have a wonderful energy and I’ll see you there!


Product Review: Thermal Nail Polish by Bubblelina

I had the pleasure of swatching nailpolish for BubbleLina, a new company that specializes in 3-free, cruelty free, thermal nail colors. The company website also boasts that the polishes are handmade, custom-blended and infused with "fairydust." I applied "My Lover's Brother" which was a light periwinkle that turned into cerulean blue. Upon initial application, the polish actually goes on in a matte finish. It didn't look bad at all, it just wasn't my taste. Once I applied a topcoat to it, the color was much more vibrant. 
I'm not sure if it was the mild temperatures outside after weeks of snow storms or if I was just in a good mood, but the nail color was extremely amusing to me. It was sunny on the day I wore it, so my nails went from periwinkle to cerulean and back again a few times. Depending on if I was indoors or outdoors, at one point it even had a transitional color, which was similar to sky blue.

I actually ran the entire bottle under cold water & it changed color along with my nails.

My boyfriend on other hand, was not as amused. He texted me about half-way through the day, demanding I tell him where the "stuff" was to remove nailpolish. Apparently, while washing my dishes as a favor, he noticed that one of his nails was frantically changing colors. (I ambushed him the night before, putting polish on one of his thumbs.) 

All in all, I really enjoyed using this product. I have a few friends who went and bought the polishes after seeing my IG post. They run from $9 - $11, which is a great deal for something so unique and innovative. I have my eye on a fuchsia color next, "My Lover Perfect." Can't wait to try that one out too! 

Will you try the thermal nail trend? 
(Follow BubbleLina on IG!! ---@BubbleLinaPolish)


Shop shop!

So with fashion week in full swing, I found myself making a few purchases. I needed to feel like Spring was close, especially with all this snow on the ground! This bag was the perfect way to do so. It's obnoxiously huge and I accidentally knock into people on the train/bus with it. What can I say? Sometimes, fashion hurts.

Shout out to Urban Outfitters for making my dreams come true! $19.99 off the clearance rack! 


Product Review: Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel

The morning after my birthday, I woke up to discover two things to be true: my head was slightly pounding and I had three different colored nails. I vaguely remember the Prince and I having dinner and then rolling into the local CVS for awhile while we waited for a cab home. I painted my nails out of sheer boredom and curiosity.

That morning, my nails not only looked colorful but they smelled good. Now, I know I had some wine the evening before but this was a new hangover symptom. Scents? When I looked through my phone I discovered I had taken photos of the nail swatches. (Pretty productive, eh?)

The Revlon Parfumerie enamels come in 24 colors/scents, including "Chocolate Truffle" and "Fresh Linen".The complete scent families include 'Fruits and Florals', 'Sweets and Spices' and "Freshes.' I found that my nails remained scented just about all day, which starts once they're completely dry. All-in-all I think I discovered a great find. The price point was good, at around $8, and I think its a novel idea. I'm just not sure I'd like to smell chocolate everytime I went to scratch my nose. 

Would you rock a scented hand?


If it's white it's right...

Lupita Nyong'o is like a dream to me. Beautiful, intellegent, incredulous, talented and such a breath of fresh air in this blonde, blue-eyed obsessed industry.  My favorite thing about her is her skin. She's the most beautiful shade of dark brown and it compliments her in literally any color she wears. So when I saw Vanity Fair's Twitter photo of her, I was a little taken aback. The photo features Lupita in a lovely white gown, surrounded by white balloons but her complexion looks a bit off. 

Now heaven knows I don't have perfect eyesight but with the amount of people on set that day, how did no one catch that? Or is it because they thought she looked prettier in a lighter shade? I'm not really sure, but I know one thing: this was not an "oversight". To me this is just another case of shadism in Hollywood. 

Lupita on the red carpet at the Golden Globes looking stunning!! 

What do you guys think about photographer Miguel Reveriego & Vanity Fair's approach to a shoot with Lupita?


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